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Use the Lingvanex translation apps for free translation from English to Urdu. We apply machine translation technology and artificial intelligence for a free Urdu-English translator.

Translate from English to Urdu online

Need to translate an email from a supplier in Urdu or a website while traveling abroad? Lingvanex introduces a FREE Online translator that instantly translates from English to Urdu or from Urdu to English!

Our Lingvanex translator works using machine translation technology, which is the automatic translation of text using artificial intelligence, without human intervention. This technology guarantees complete confidentiality of the processed data.

How does machine translation work? Artificial intelligence first analyzes the source text and creates an intermediate version of its translation, and then converts it into text in the target language using grammatical rules and dictionaries.

What makes a Lingvanex translator the best translator?

  • Full Confidentiality: Ensuring the Security and Privacy of Your Translation.
  • Superior Performance: Evaluate Translation Quality with a Trial.
  • Versatile Translation: Online & Offline Capabilities, Text-to-Speech, Speech-to-Text.
  • Comprehensive Tools: Dictionary, Phrasebook, Translation of Text, Speech, Files, Images, Web Pages.
  • Extensive Language Coverage: Over 100 Languages Supported.
  • Seamless Integration: Compatible with Windows, Linux, Mac OS, iOS, Android and Web.
  • Responsive Support: Lingvanex Support Team Available for Assistance.

What makes a Lingvanex translator the best translator?

  • Translate from English to Urdu
  • Translate from Urdu to English
  • Listen to translations with the text-to-speech feature
  • Edit text and cite sources at the same time with integrated writing tools
  • Enjoy completely free translation
  • Use the power of AI to translate text quickly and
  • Translate online—without downloading an app
  • Translate between languages on a mobile-friendly platform

Discover some interesting facts about the Urdu language:

Urdu (Hindi urdū), deriving from Persian zabān i urdū, literally means the language of the camp. It used to be known earlier as Hindvi, Hindi, and Hindustani.

Urdu is a living language spoken by close to 100 million people around the world. It’s the language of Pakistan and is used by English speakers. It is also spoken and understood in parts of India, Bangladesh, Nepal, and parts of the Middle East; so it’s also an "Islamic language”.

Some English words find their origin in Urdu: bandana, typhoon, bungalow, pajama, shampoo. It is a highly refined language and many of its words are used to show respect and decency.

Besides, over 90% of the script of Urdu is identical to Arabic and Persian, so learning Urdu would help read Arabic and Persian alphabets easily.

Popular English-Urdu phrases for Starting Conversation

This list provides some basic Urdu phrases to get you started. Keep in mind that translation and usage of these phrases can be influenced by context and cultural nuances.

  • Hello – السّلامُ علیکم (Assalam-u-alaikum.)
  • Good morning – صبح بخیر (Subah bakhair.)
  • Good afternoon – سہ پہر بخیر (Seh pehar bakhair.)
  • Good night – شب بخیر (Shab bakhair.)
  • How are you? – آپ کیسے ہیں؟ (Aap kaisay hain?)
  • I'm fine – میں بخیریت ہوں۔ (Mei bakhairiyat hun.)
  • Thank you – شکریہ (Shukriah.)
  • Excuse me – گستاخی معاف (Gustakhi maaf.)
  • Sorry – معافی چاہتا / چاہتی ہوں۔ (Maafi chahta / chahti hun.)
  • What is your name? – آپ کا نام کیا ہے؟ (Aap ka naam kia hai?)
  • My name is Ahmad – میرا نام احمد ہے۔ (Mera naam Ahmad hai.)
  • Nice to meet you – آپ سے مِل کر اچھا لگا۔ (Aap say mil ker acha laga.)
  • Yes – ہاں (Haan)
  • No – ہاں (Haan)
  • Can you help me? – کیا آپ میری مدد کر سکتے ہیں؟ (Kia aap meri madad ker saktay hain?)
  • Where is the restroom? – بیت الخلاء کہاں ہے؟ (Bait-ul-khala kahan hai?)
  • How much is this? – یہ کتنے کا / کی ہے؟ (Yeh kitnay ka / ki hai?)
  • What time is it? – وقت کیا ہوا ہے؟ (Waqt kia hua hai?)

5 unique ways to learn a language

  • Use flashcards. Make flashcards of the important words and phrases. Use them for practice every day. You may put some pictures, helpful for recalling the meanings. The more often you go over your vocabulary flashcards, the sooner you will be able to put new words into your long-term memory.
  • Discover Urdu media. Plunge yourself into Urdu content such as music, TV shows, podcasts and movies. Regular listening to the dialogues of native speakers, their intonations, and vocabulary will help you speed up your speaking ability.
  • Play games. Use language learning apps that teach Urdu as a language; most of them have quizzes, speaking exercises and interactive lessons. The regular use of these resources will definitely strengthen your learning ability and language acquisition.
  • Attend speaking clubs. Take part in online or local Urdu-speaking groups. These communities provide a healthy and encouraging environment for speaking practice. Interacting with people who are fluent in a language and others who are also learning can improve your self-confidence and motivate you to practice regularly.
  • Learn the culture. Get deeper into the language to appreciate the Pakistani people’s warm nature and their generosity toward strangers. Family connections are highly valued, with extended families often residing close to one another. You will notice that the Urdu language serves as a symbol of both unity and diversity.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is the Lingvanex translation accurate?

Rest assured, we are committed to providing you with reliable and accurate translations to meet your language needs. We use artificial intelligence and latest scientific research to deliver best-in-class translation quality.

How long does it take to translate a large text?

The translation takes only a few seconds, regardless of the size of the text. We understand the value of time and strive to provide a seamless translation experience with minimal waiting periods.

How many characters can be translated?

The free version of the Lingvanex translator allows you to translate up to 10000 characters per request and make up to 1000 translation requests per day.

Do you offer subscription plans?

Yes, we offer subscription plans for our Lingvanex translation apps. To get more information visit our All Products page ( Additionally, you can test the quality of our products with a free 2-week trial. Fill out the Contact us form on the main page, and we'll assist you in choosing the best solution.

Is Urdu the same as Hindi?

There is no doubt about it! Consider Urdu and Hindi as two brothers brought up in one house. They have the same roots—Indo-Aryan base, so naturally, it shall have the same sounds, grammar, and vocabulary. Imagine them arguing over a cup of tea in the street. Even though they originate from different sources—for example, Urdu from Arabic and Persian, while Hindi comes from Sanskrit—it makes them have totally different systems of writing.

Language pairs are available for text translation into English

Also you can find translations from English to other languages.