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Translate: Text, Voice, Camera

Lingvanex Translator
We connect people!

Lingvanex translation app for Android helps many people communicate with each other,
read and listen texts in their own language from more than 112 languages.

Listen, read, communicate with
translation into 112 languages

With Lingvanex translation app you can translate text, sites, voice, files, learn languages ​​and use

Conversations in any Languages

Communicate with foreigners in different languages and understand each other! Lingvanex translator for Android will provide the translation and pronounce in the desired language.

  • More than 112 translation languages
  • Quality control of the translation
  • Automatic detection of the translation language
  • Translate from English into Spanish, French, Hindi, German, Arabic and many other languages

Android is an excellent tool for traveling abroad, which can offer a variety of options, including real-time translation.

Translate a text
into any Language

Any text, word documents, website page or news –
read in your own language in your Android!

  • Instant translation.
  • Translate text between English and Hindi, Spanish,
    Turkish, Chinese and over 112 other languages.
  • Translation of a large amount of text.

Translate documents from any language

You can read a text from files in any format in your native language

  • Clear translation
  • Automatic detection of the document language
  • Hieroglyph transliteration
  • Translation of a large amount of text

Dictionaries and
in your pocket

Many useful functions for those who study languages ​​and learn foreign words

  • A handy guide to commonly used expressions
  • Cataloging history of translations
  • Ideal for traveling

Keyboard translations

Translate text messages in your favorite instant messengers and communicate without borders. The keyboard translator is an indispensable assistant in correspondence with foreigners.

  • Translation into 112 languages ​​in any messenger
  • User friendly interface
  • You can control the translation
  • Raise dating and communication to a new level

Translate using

Translate immediately with voice to Airpods.

  • Use Airpods functions for control
  • It is convenient to use when learning a language
  • Applicable while running

Translate conference

The application helps to communicate in conference mode – each chat participant receives a translation in their native language.

  • Remove the language barrier
  • Enhance the interaction of an international team
  • Increase the efficiency of negotiations
  • Keep correspondence history
  • You can control the translation
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