Lingvanex Tranalator

Lingvanex Translator

Translate: Text, Voice, Camera

Translator Extension for Opera

Listen, read, communicate with translation
into 108 languages

Try the extension for Opera “Lingvanex translator and dictionary” with voice acting function.
Helps in learning languages and reading foreign sites.

Main Features

You can get a dictionary meaning for every single word.

You can listen to the received translation

Shortcuts customization

Translation history and bookmark

Translate a large text

Text-to-speech system is available.

Toolbar button customization

Localization of the user interface

Convenient translation extension for Opera browser

  • Add Lingvanex extension on your browser
  • Choose a language for translation
  • Select any text, phrase or word on web page in Opera browser
  • Get a quick translation from any of 108 languages to the one you have selected
  • Listen to the translation

Unique history system

A single translation history in all Lingvanex applications for one account.

Translator with dictionary meaning

  • Highlight one word in the text on the page
  • Lingvanex translator for the Opera browser will select the dictionary meaning and examples of using the word in different contexts
  • You can listen to the pronunciation of the highlighted word

These features help in learning foreign languages.

Translator with voice

  • You can listen to the pronunciation of the source text and the resulting translation
  • Text to voice function enabled by default

Free Translator for
Chrome, Opera, Mozilla, Edge

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