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Use the Lingvanex translation apps for each free translation from English to Hungarian. We apply machine translation technology and artificial intelligence for a free Hungarian-English translator.

Translate from English to Hungarian online

Need to translate an email from a supplier in Hungarian or a website while traveling abroad? Lingvanex introduces a FREE Online translator that instantly translates from English to Hungarian or from Hungarian to English!

Our Lingvanex translator works using machine translation technology, which is the automatic translation of text using artificial intelligence, without human intervention. This technology guarantees complete confidentiality of the processed data.

How does machine translation work? Artificial intelligence first analyzes the source text and creates an intermediate version of its translation, and then converts it into text in the target language using grammatical rules and dictionaries.

Popular English-Hungarian phrases for Starting Conversation

This list provides some basic Hungarian phrases to get you started. Keep in mind that translation and usage of these phrases can be influenced by context and cultural nuances.

  • Hello - Sziasztok
  • Good morning - Jó reggelt
  • Good evening - Jó estét
  • I'm fine - Jól vagyok
  • Thank you - Köszönjük
  • Sorry - Bocsánat
  • I understand - Értem én
  • I don’t understand - Nem értem én
  • Do you speak English? - Te beszélsz angolul?
  • Yes - Igen
  • No - Nem
  • Can you help me? - Tudnál nekem segíteni?
  • Where is the restroom? - Hol van a mellékhelyiség?
  • How much is this? - Ez mennyi is?
  • What time is it? - Hány óra van?

5 unique ways to learn a language

  • iconUse flashcards. Create flashcards with important words and phrases and practice them every day. You can even add pictures to help you memorise the meanings. The more often you review your flashcards, the faster you will memorise new vocabulary.
  • iconCook Hungarian dishes. Listening to audio recipes and watching cooking videos from native people will not only help you learn the language and master pronunciation, but also immerse yourself in the culture of the country.
  • iconPlay games. There are many games and apps that will help you practice the Hungarian language. You can make up your own games.
  • iconAttend speaking clubs. You should start speaking or at least practising your pronunciation as early as possible. You can do this by attending Tagalog speaking clubs where people discuss different topics and share their stories. You will be practising your vocabulary, grammar and storytelling skills at the same time.
  • iconLearn the culture. The country of Hungarian has a cultural flavor, so participating in traditional dances, attending festivals and arts and crafts workshops will not only introduce you to the language but also deepen your understanding of Hungarian culture.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Lingvanex translation accurate?

Rest assured, we are committed to providing you with reliable and accurate translations to meet your language needs. We use artificial intelligence and latest scientific research to deliver best-in-class translation quality.

How long does it take to translate a large text?

The translation takes only a few seconds, regardless of the size of the text. We understand the value of time and strive to provide a seamless translation experience with minimal waiting periods.

How many characters can be translated?

The free version of the Lingvanex translator allows you to translate up to 10000 characters per request and make up to 1000 translation requests per day.

Do you offer subscription plans?

Yes, we offer subscription plans for our Lingvanex translation apps. To get more information visit our All Products page ( Additionally, you can test the quality of our products with a free 2-week trial. Fill out the Contact us form on the main page, and we'll assist you in choosing the best solution.

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