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Why use Lingvanex?

Lingvanex translates everything and everywhere.  It translates text, voice, text on picture, files, websites in 108 languages online and offline. It works on mobile desktop, web, messenger, wearables and voice assistant platforms. Translation solutions can be integrated into any business product fast and with the best price on the market.

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108 languages for online and offline translation of text, voice, images, files, and websites.

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Easily integrated machine translation in any programming language as SDK, API or server.

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High stability even at heavy loading, highspeed scaling for maximum time saving

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High-speed translation of multilingual texts and documents

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Our engineers can integrate translation solutions to any kind of business

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Lingvanex Data centers are hosted in each main customer region and meet GDPR requirements

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Advanced neural machine translation technology with continuous R&D investmens

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The best and flexible pricing options on the market. Contact us for more info.

Language Tools for Everyone

Private Users

Mobile, desktop and web applications to translate text, voice, files and websites


Reliable and secure translation solutions with customization for business tasks


Integrate in existing products, apps and websites. Free trial option available

Solution Scope

Support Service

Business Analytics


Distance Training

Website Localization

Social Networks


Easy to integrate into existing workflow, web sites and apps

Cloud API

A cloud interface for online translating texts and documents in other programs or websites

Mobile SDK

Multifunctional module for integration into mobile apps for online and offline translation

Translation Server

Make your custom translator for specific domain within a day and deploy it at your server

NMT Data Studio

Lingvanex Data Studio is a suite of machine learning products that enables developers with limited machine learning expertise to create models specific to their business needs and then integrate those models into your applications and web sites.

Marketing SDK

Increase your revenue, user loyalty and engagement with the Lingvanex Marketing SDK. It gives developers the technology with the greatest number of options for maximizing the value and accessibility of in-app traffic and managing their marketing campaigns effectively.

What the media say about us


“This translation app is putting Google translate to shame ”


“LingvaNex is like Google Translate on steroids. And its abilities are pretty amazing.”


“If you work internationally, this translation tool is a must-have ”

Lingvanex Awards


Product of the Year

Lingvanex application that can translate phone calls in 30 languages was awarded by ProductHunt


Brilliant Bot

Lingvanex translation application for team work was featured by Slack as Brilliant Bot


Venture Day Winner

Lingvanex became a winner at Venture Day Startup Contest held in Minsk in April 2020