Machine Translation

Remove language barriers and reach global audience with
award-winning language technology services


108 languages for online and offline translation of text, voice, images, files, and websites.


Easily integrated machine translation in any programming language as SDK, API or server.


High stability even at heavy loading, highspeed scaling for maximum time saving


High-speed translation of
multilingual texts and documents


Our engineers can integrate
translation solutions to any kind of


Lingvanex Data centers are hosted
in each main customer region and
meet GDPR requirements


Advanced neural machine
translation technology with
continuous R&D investmens


The best and flexible pricing options
on the market. Contact us for more

Language Tools for Everyone

Private Users

Mobile, desktop and web applications
to translate text, voice, files and


Reliable and secure translation
solutions with customization for
business tasks


Integrate in existing products, apps and
websites. Free trial option available

Solution Scope

Support Service

Business Analytics


Distance Training

Website Localization

Social Networks


Easy to integrate into existing workflow, web sites and apps

Cloud API

A cloud interface for online
translating texts and documents
in other programs or websites

MT Server

Make your custom translator for
specific domain within a day and
deploy it at your server

Mobile SDK

Multifunctional module for
integration into mobile apps for
online and offline translation

Custom Models

Make your custom translator for
specific domain within a day and
deploy it at your server

“Lingvanex helped us deliver a
privacy-centric translation
service to global userbase”

Jon von Tetzchner

CEO at Vivaldi Technologies

More than 1500 customers

I used it to translate different versions of the Dutch script into English, and then used that text to create the novel. I found it could translate an entire screenplay in a very short time with great accuracy. *I would recommend it to anyone.” Read more…

Skip Press

Lingvanex was a good choice for our requirements. Cloud API was integrated in more than 30 translator apps and they have been stable and functioning for the past several years.Read more…

Kasra Meshkin

No matter what you ask Lingvanex to translate, it seems to cope and produce fully exportable natural-sounding translations surprisingly quickly given the complexities of the process – especially when there are complex sentences.Read more…

Mark Sealey

What the media say about us

  • “One piece of softwere that does seem to have all the features is the LingvaNex Translator, a language app that really does help you understand languages instantly - no matter what their source.”

  • “Lingvanex Translator is all about helping people to read, write, and speak different languages.”

  • “When Google Translate isn't enough, LingvaNex Translator takes you that extra mile.”

  • “Lingvanex Translator makes it easy to stay on top of global digital media: it lets you instantly translate text, voice, images, websites, and documents into various languages.”

  • “Whatever you input, regardless of language, LingvaNex Translator will release a strong translation so you can communicate more seamlessly and keep moving forward.”

  • “If you work internationally, this translation tool is a must-have.”

  • “LingvaNex is like Google Translate on steroids. And its abilities are pretty amazing.”

  • “This translation app is putting Google translate to shame.”

Lingvanex Awards

Product of the Year

Lingvanex application that can
translate phone calls in 30
languages was awarded by

Brilliant Bot Award

Lingvanex translation application for
team work was featured by Slack as
Brilliant Bot

AI Challenge Finalist

In recognition of developing
outstanding AI solution responding
to real business problems

Venture Day Winner

Lingvanex became the winner of
national startup contest held in
Minsk in 2020

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