Lingvanex Tranalator

Lingvanex Translator

Translate: Text, Voice, Camera

Phone Call Translator

Call worldwide in 30 popular languages
Calls to all devices (even landlines)
Automatic speech translation

Will help out in a difficult situation

Helps solve travel issues

Helps solve urgent business
problems with foreigners

Helps in communicating with
friends abroad

Call without fear

Using the application, you can easily communicate with someone who doesn’t know your native language


Details of the conversation are
available only to you. We do not
store conversation data.


Much cheaper than roaming
calls. A call costs from $ 0.18 per


The whole dialogue is broadcast
on the screen with text for better

Are you going on a trip?

Do not forget the documents, insurance and … a Phone Call translator from Lingvanex

Languages and Regions

Calls in the application are available in all countries of the world, and
the translation is carried out in 30 languages

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