Lingvanex Tranalator

Lingvanex Translator

Translate: Text, Voice, Camera

Follow these steps to complete your Lingvanex installation:

  • 1

    Run the Lingvanex installer

    Save the Lingvanex file

    Open the Lingvanex file to install

    Click the downloaded file on the bottom-left corner of your browser.

    Click Save File when prompted. Go to Downloads on the top-right corner to open the setup file.

    Choose Save File when prompted, then click OK.

    Go to Downloads on the top-right corner and click on the downloaded file.

    Go to your Downloads folder and click on the downloaded file.

  • 2

    Confirm the installation

    Open the Lingvanex file to install

    Click Allow on the system dialog window to approve the start of your Lingvanex installation.

    Go to Downloads on the top-right corner to open the setup file and approve the installation.

    Click Yes on the system dialog window to approve the start of your Lingvanex installation.

  • 3

    Follow setup instructions

    Click the button in the installer window to begin installation.

Click this file to start installing Lingvanex
Click this file to start installing Lingvanex


Challenging tasks with good salaries. Team of professionals

  • Data Scientist


    • Experience with natural language processing and machine learning algorithms
    • Understand the concepts and steps when working real world big data, from domain specific problem understanding, data preparation, travel related data processing, data integration, data structures for machine learning, data modeling, and AI/ML algorithms; strong software engineering and data science knowledge and skills
    • Experience in coding and debugging deep learning neural networks for text processing in PyTorch, Keras and/or TensorFlow
    • Experience in Perl, Python, or another scripting language; command line usage
    • High-level knowledge of various machine learning techniques and key parameters that affect their performance
    • Expert knowledge with a variety of analytical tools and techniques with the knowledge of using them
    • Outstanding programming and statistical modeling skills
    • Understanding of distributed file systems, scalable datastores, distributed computing and related technologies (Spark, Hadoop, etc.); implementation experience of MapReduce techniques, in-memory data processing, etc.

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  • Computational Linguist


    • Degree in Computational linguistics
    • Fluent in one of the following languages: Chinese Traditional, Cantonese, Mandarin, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, German, French, English
    • Excellent knowledge of structural aspects of the language (syntax, semantics, phonology, phonetics)
    • Strong linguistic comprehension
    • Experience in some of the following areas: text processing and construction of corpora in unfamiliar languages; processing of large text collections with standard NLP tools for parsing, entity extraction, POS tagging, topic discovery and classification (such as sentiment analysis), and natural language understanding; tuning hyper-parameters of existing NLP models for domain-specific data sets; computational manipulation and analysis of natural language documents using statistical models; experimenting with large corpora for developing and testing advanced NLP algorithms
    • Previous  working experience with language data (e.g. research, analysis, translation, review)
    • Ability to program in Python, Perl, or other scripting language; comfort with work in a Linux environment
    • Familiarity with common NLP and ML toolkits such as Stanford CoreNLP, OpenNLP, NLTK, scikit-learn, and Tensorflow
    • Experience using OS X or iOS software is a plus
    • Ability to analyze and assess software development or data acquisition requirements and determine optimum, cost-effective solutions
    • Good organizational and analytical skills
    • Excellent English language skills, other language skills are appreciated
    • Strong communication skills, attention to details, and proven ability to manage priorities
    • An ideal candidate has experience and passion for working with language data and developing natural language processing code specific to the native language

    What you will do:

    • Develop new applications of natural language processing
    • Collect, curate, and analyze natural language corpora for a variety of NLP and text analytic tasks
    • Perform metrics-based evaluations of new technologies from research organizations to determine potential contributions
    • Work closely with software developers,  senior investigators, program managers, researchers, and data analysts to design and optimize a software platform to produce and analyze results, disseminate findings, and contribute to publications and presentations

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