Lingvanex Tranalator

Lingvanex Translator

Translate: Text, Voice, Camera

Language Assistant for all platforms
and any situations

Helps students, travelers, businessmen communicate with each other, read and listen in their native language.

Voice, text and
photos translator

  • Translator into 112+ languages.
  • Online and offline translation.
  • Group conferences with translation.
  • Favorite translation examples.
  • Transliteration.
  • Auto detect language.
  • Translation history.

Study or work?

For app work intenet connection is not required.


Just install Lingvanex Offline on your desktop device.


And translate regardless of external factors.

  • Offline translation
  • Translation of large documents (pdf)
  • Translation of audio files
  • Image translation

More about Windows version

  • Favorite
  • Transliteration
  • Dictionary meaning and pronunciation of words
  • History

More about Mac OS version

Phone call translator

  • You can call both mobile phones and landlines.
  • You can call all countries all over the world.
  • Translation is carried out in 30 popular languages.
  • The perfect helper for memorizing words.
  • Your speech will be translated into the language of the person receiving the call.
  • Your caller’s voice will be translated into your language.
  • It’s private. It’s sparingly. It’s clear.

We thought over everything and even

Translate even on your wrist

  • Translator into 112+ languages.
  • Online and offline translation.
  • Voice translation.
  • Сonversation translation.

Or just ask your smart assistant

  • Voice translation in 50+ languages.
  • Enjoy your conversation on foreign languages!
  • It helps in learning a foreign language.
  • Dialogue mode with real-time translation.
  • Dictionary of meaning.

everything just in
your browser

Lingvanex Translator is an automatic translation tool

  • Select any text, phrase or word on the website.
  • Get Translation.
  • Listen to the translation.

Communicate with
your friends and

  • Translate text.
  • Get definitions of words – meaning of words, synonyms, alternative translation.
  • Seek examples of use and translation of expressions in context.
  • Translate voice messages and audio files into text.
  • Text voicing.
  • Translate the text on images.
  • Translate in group chats.
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