Creating the World Without Language Borders

Who we are

We are a team of professionals who are trying to make the best translator apps. This is a very challenging and ambitious task. We are looking for highly qualified, experienced and motivated specialists who are willing to join our project.

Year Established

We have been making translator apps for several years, having big expertise in machine translation and natural language processing

More than hundred languages supported with voice, image and file translation feature

Our translators work on big variety of platforms (Mac OS, Windows, Android, iOS, Slack, Chrome, Telegram, Facebook and others)
Million Downloads

Lots of people are choosing Lingvanex apps for travel, business or learning languages
Переводчик Lingvanex

Kickstart your career with Lingvanex

Kickstart your career with Lingvanex

  • Be a part of the team creating one of the most innovative products on the international market.
  • Thrive in a unique working environment, fostering innovation and technical experiments.
  • Enjoy a competitive salary and extend your skillset with ongoing development & continuous training.
  • Experience a highly engaging company culture with lots of fun team activities.

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