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About Lingvanex

Lingvanex Translator was founded in 2016, later its headquarters was opened in Larnaca, Cyprus. This is a prospective company which develops a machine translator with more than 112 languages. Our mission is to enable people to read, write and speak different languages, anywhere in the world.

Lingvanex Translator is available on a wide range of platforms, including iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, and others. Also, in the list of our products, there are browser extensions for translation with voice functions and chatbots-translators. Besides, there is  a special application – a phone call translator, which allows you to talk to those who don’t know your language.

The main translation functions, as well as Phrasebook and text translate, are free of charge. Some features, such as offline translation, voice conversations, and Lens features require a PRO subscription.

Lingvanex is an excellent translation and dictionary application for travelers, students, those who study foreign languages, business people who work with foreigners. You can instantly translate text, websites or start voice-to-voice conversations in more than 112 languages!

Contacts of Head Office

52, 1st April, 7600 Athienou,
Larnaca, Cyprus.

[email protected]