Translation API

Fast and easy way to use machine translation
No need for own servers & infrastructure

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108 Languages with OCR
Register at platform and get API key. Now you are ready to translate
Object Detection
High-quality translation based on neural networks with OCR and object detection
Linguistic features
Use dictionary meaning with synonyms, transcription and transliteration

Privacy Protected

We guarantee to users of our platform that all texts, pictures, audio files, documents, etc. are deleted immediately after the completion of a translation or other API operation, and also that the connection with our servers is always secure.

Cost Saving

The price of cloud API is $5 per 1 million characters translation. For big volumes it can be reduced up $1 per million characters. The chart below shows the difference in cost for the main competitors.

Check Translation Quality

Visit demo-page to test translation. Click on any word to get it’s dictionary value.

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