Lingvanex Tranalator

Lingvanex Translator

Translate: Text, Voice, Camera

Translation API

Fast and easy way to use machine translation.
No need for own servers & infrastructure.

Quick Start

Highly scalable

Cost saving

108 Languages

108 languages for online and offline
translation of text, voice, images,
files, and websites.


Word meaning with usage examples
and alternate translations.


Writing words using a different
alphabet for more than 50


Translate languages which are
peculiar to a specific region or social


Get similar words and examples
with hyponyms and hypernyms.


Get phonetic representation of
spoken language in written form.


A collection of ready-made phrases
with a translation, indexed in the
form of questions and answers.


Automatic identification of the
written text. More than 50
languages supported.

Affordable Pricing

The price of cloud API is $5 per 1 million
 translation. Custom pricing for
more than 500 million characters per month.


We guarantee to users of our platform that all
texts, pictures, audio files, documents are
deleted immediately after the completion of a
translation. We never store any translation data.
GPDR and CCPA Compliant.

Create new awesome products

Many Languages

Translate text and HTML in more than 100 languages.

Easy Setup

Register at platform and get API key. It will take about 10 minutes.


Best in class translation based on artificial intelligence.

Ready to Start?

The price of cloud API is Create account and use API key to integrate translation feature to your product.
Feel free to contact us with any technical questions. We will help you!

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