Lingvanex Tranalator

Lingvanex Tranalator

Translate: Text, Voice, Camera

Lingvanex Translator extensions
for your favorite browser

Translate to more than 108 languages

Lingvanex provide modern translation and dictionary extension
with voice acting function for 108 languages.

Fast and Accurate Translator for Chrome

  • Add browser extension “Lingvanex – Translator and Dictionary” from Chrome web store
  • Select any text, phrase or word on website in Chrome browser
  • Get Translation
  • Listen to translation pronunciation or highlighted text

The excellent Lingvanex dictionary and user’s phrasebook will help you to speed up your language learning.

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All-in-one translator for Firefox

  • In Mozilla Firefox browser select any text on website
  • Get quick Translation
  • You can listen to the translation or selected text

With Lingvanex extension for Firefox you will learn how to pronounce words correctly.

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Browser translation add-ons for Opera

  • Install browser add-on for opera “Lingvanex – Translator and Dictionary”
  • Select a text or word on a web page and get the exact translation
  • You can listen to the received translation or selected text

Lingvanex translator and dictionary plugin is a powerful tool to translate words or sentences to 108 of supported languages.

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Free Translator for
Chrome, Opera, Mozilla

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