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Translate: Text, Voice, Camera

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Try a clear translation and assistance in language learning in your
favorite messengers with Lingvanex bots!

Main Features

Dictionary meaning

Speak words


Translation history and bookmark

Translate large text

Text-to-speech system is available

Keyboard Extension

Localization of the user interface

Translation in the chats - just add the bot account

In order to translate dialogues in chats just add a bot account like an ordinary user. This function is relevant for groups in Telegram, VK, Slack.

Translate text on a picture

To translate text on an image (photo or scanned document) just send a file to the chat with the bot.

By default, the bot will automatically detect the language of the text and translate it into English.

Help in learning foreign language

An important function is a search for words and expressions in different uses and on numerous examples of translation.

This feature along with vocabulary is excellent assistant in learning foreign languages.

Use Lingvanex bot as an assistant in learning a foreign language. The bot will help to expand the vocabulary, learn the pronunciation of words and study the situations of applying  words and expressions.

Translator with voice

  • To translate an audio message, dictate it or add an audio file. The bot converts the voice into text and translates it into the selected language.
  • The bot can pronounce words and phrases both in the original language and with translation.
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