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Translation API

The fast and most convenient way to start working with machine translation. Integrate translation API with your mobile, desktop or web application to enable new features and create new awesome products.

108 Languages
High-quality translation based on neural networks with dictionary meaning
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Translation Server

Intranet-based machine translation solution designed to provide effective automated translation of multilingual information and document flows in different formats on Windows and Unix-based corporate intranets

Enhancement of efficiency of company employees operating with documents in foreign languages
Information spillover risk mitigation by means of omission of translation online services
Helps solve urgent business problems with foreigners
Configuration tools for exact translation taking business tasks into consideration

Mobile SDK

Mobile SDK

Multifunctional module for integration into mobile apps that allows to use Lingvanex translation technology online and offline.

  • Easy integration in desktop and mobile platforms.
  • Easily integrated machine translation in any programming language
  • Fine-tuning and customization for any tasks
  • Guaranteed speed – 50 words per second
  • Dictionary lookup

Data Studio

Data Studio

Create your own machine translation system for any domain and deploy to any server with APIer

  • Custom neural architecture for any tasks
  • Train on any server provider
  • Parallel model training with job list.
  • 20 preconfigured data filters
  • Model quality estimation

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