My name is Christos Seitanidis. I use the LINGVANEX Translator every day with great enthusiasm. It is of great and so unique value for me. I use it daily but also in many circumstances. With Lingvanex I can translate entire texts from articles in finance, medicine, sciences and the IT. All this is in addition to the various news in sports, economy and the world. I am so satisfied with the length of the text but also with the accuracy of the translation. I find it invaluable and a real treasure that is so helpul for me. And this is not only as a business consultancy company but also as a professor, with focus on the english language and various subjects.

As a student not only of languages, I find it so much useful in my various studies of medicine, sciences and finance. It has so important features as it can translate so lengthy articles with great precision but also text from images. I would like to thank Lingvanex for this amazing tool that is useful for studies in various sectors, business analysis, training, learning and teaching languages, for financial news and for every day life information updates in various languages. A unique and invaluable translator. I appreciate so much! God bless! All the best!

Christos Seitanidis

Christos Seitanidis Office Services (Italy)