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Francesco M.

“I write just a short feedback to simply tell you a big THANKS! I am starting using your software and the quality of your translation engine is simply incredible and amazing. Congrats to you and all your Team! I hope your app will grow more and more and have a very big success. You deserve it, really. ”

Tim S.

“I am very happy with the quick response by the LingvaNex team, they helped get me going quickly on a translation of the bible. Because it is such a large document, they told me to break it up into chapters to convert. Once I did that, the translation went smoothly in .docx format. I’m glad I bought a lifetime subscription to this tool. ”

Anton C.

“Before purchasing it I did comprehensive research comparing with MS and Ggl online and offline machine translation extensions and apps. For my applications LingvaNex is clear winner. ”

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