Lingvanex Tranalator

Translator for

Language service providers

Lingvanex offers custom language solutions for language service providers, enhancing multilingual communication with tailored machine translation and transcription services, ensuring accuracy and efficiency for diverse language needs.

Our language solutions

Machine translation

By pre-processing content, language service providers can enhance translators' productivity, enabling quicker and more efficient post-editing of translations.

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Voice Transcription

Converting audio content to text enables faster translation and review, significantly improving productivity for language service providers.

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Genarative AI

Creating draft translations and content suggestions accelerates translators' workflow, enabling quicker revisions and higher productivity for language service providers.

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Need custom text and voice processing solutions?

Lingvanex offers custom machine translation solutions tailored to specific domains or languages, ensuring precise and contextually accurate translations. Additionally, we provide bespoke voice transcription and text generation services, designed to meet the unique requirements of your industry, enhancing efficiency and communication while maintaining high standards of accuracy and security.

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Who is this product for?

Lingvanex Bot can simply solve a language barrier problem in your team, community, with your international clients and outsourcing partners. It automatically identifies the languages in a conversation and translates all messages of your team members into a chosen language.

Engineering teams

Lingvanex offers comprehensive data gathering, labeling, and filtering services to create custom language solutions for processing voice and text. These services ensure high-quality datasets, crucial for developing accurate and efficient machine translation, transcription, and text generation systems, tailored to specific industry needs and linguistic requirements.

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Lingvanex offers custom machine translation solutions using specific glossaries, ensuring terminology consistency and accuracy. This approach significantly reduces the need for post-editing by translators, saving time and enhancing productivity. By integrating specialized glossaries, Lingvanex streamlines the translation process, providing high-quality, domain-specific translations efficiently.


How can Lingvanex help you?

Document Translation

Data Gathering

Enhance language model training by efficiently collecting and refining high-quality, relevant content.

Increase conversion

Linguistic Quality Assurance

Automatically improve text by detecting errors and enhancing accuracy using performance metrics and evaluation criteria.

Website Localization

Style Conversion

Convert text between formal and informal styles or adjust for British and American English locales.

Easy customization

Language Identification

Determine the language of a given text quickly and accurately for effective processing.

High quality transcription


Convert text from one script to another, preserving pronunciation and readability across languages.

Multilingual content creation

Text Correction

Detect and correct grammatical, spelling, and punctuation errors in written text.

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