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Translator for

Forensic & E-discovery

eDiscovery software helps in the legal discovery process by making it easy to sort, search, and understand each piece of potential information

Our language solutions

Data translation

Convert documents, emails, and other text-based evidence written in different languages into a single, common language for easier review

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Audio transcription

Convert spoken language from recordings, such as phone calls, meetings, and interviews, into text

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Data analysis

Analyze your data to get valuable insight with question / answering interface

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Why Is E-Discovery Important to Companies?

E-Discovery is crucial for companies because it enables efficient management and retrieval of electronic information during legal proceedings, ensuring compliance with legal and regulatory requirements. By facilitating the identification, preservation, and analysis of relevant data, e-Discovery helps companies avoid hefty fines and penalties associated with non-compliance. It also enhances the ability to respond quickly and accurately to legal inquiries, thereby reducing the risk of litigation and associated costs. Furthermore, e-Discovery supports internal investigations and audits, helping companies identify potential issues early and take corrective actions promptly. 

Ultimately, it safeguards the company’s reputation and promotes transparency in legal matters. 

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How can Lingvanex help you?

Find Words & even phrases

Multilingual Document Analysis

This accelerates the identification of relevant information across documents from different countries or languages, reducing the need for human translators and speeding up the discovery process.

Translate any information

Audio Evidence Transcription

Transcripts make audio content searchable and easier to review, helping legal teams quickly identify pertinent conversations or statements.

Unlimited security & privacy

Keyword Search in Transcripts

This significantly enhances the efficiency of reviewing audio evidence, as legal professionals can quickly find relevant segments without listening to hours of recordings.

More Business Agility

Enhanced Context Understanding

This ensures that all spoken words are correctly captured and understood, reducing the risk of misinterpretation and ensuring that critical details are not missed.

Increased efficiency

Cross-Border Investigations

This facilitates cross-border investigations by enabling seamless collaboration between international teams and ensuring that language barriers do not impede the discovery process.

Customizable Models

Compliance and Legal Hold Management

This comprehensive approach helps organizations maintain compliance with legal requirements and avoid potential penalties for missing or misinterpreting critical foreign-language documents.

What will you get with Lingvanex?

Lingvanex removes language as a barrier to global customer experiences by combining AI with a global community of translators delivering the speed and scale of machine translation with the authenticity that can come only from a native speaker. 

Forensic Insights with Machine Translation

Machine translation and voice transcription facilitate forensic and eDiscovery processes by enabling the rapid translation of multilingual documents, allowing investigators to uncover crucial information across different languages. They convert audio recordings into searchable text, streamlining the review and analysis of conversations for relevant details. These technologies reduce the time and costs associated with manual translation and transcription, enhancing the efficiency of data handling. Additionally, they improve the accuracy of data analysis by minimizing human error, ensuring no vital evidence is missed.


Data Security & Compliance

Using on-premise machine translation and transcription software ensures that sensitive data remains within the company's own secure infrastructure, minimizing the risk of data breaches and unauthorized access. This setup allows organizations to maintain strict control over their data and adhere to internal security policies and regulatory requirements. On-premise solutions also provide comprehensive audit trails and logging, facilitating compliance with industry standards and legal mandates. Additionally, these systems can be tailored to integrate seamlessly with existing IT infrastructure, enhancing operational efficiency while maintaining robust data security​.


Enhanced Collaboration & Global Reach

Breaking down language barriers enhances collaboration between international teams, witnesses, and experts by enabling clear and effective communication, ensuring that all parties fully understand each other. It fosters inclusivity and mutual respect, as everyone can contribute their insights and expertise without language hindrances. Additionally, seamless communication helps in making quicker, more informed decisions, which is critical in fast-paced environments. Lastly, it reduces the likelihood of misinterpretations and errors, thereby improving the overall quality and accuracy of the collaborative efforts​


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