Lingvanex Tranalator

Translator for

Education and Elearning

Lingvanex's state-of-the-art language technology enables students globally to access educational materials in their native languages, fostering an inclusive and equitable educational experience

Our language solutions

Machine translation

Automated language conversion in e-learning bridges language gaps, making educational content accessible to a global audience

Translation image

Voice transcription

Converting speech to text in education improves accessibility, supports diverse learning needs, and enhances comprehension for all students

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Generative AI

AI-driven content creation in education personalizes learning experiences, generates adaptive materials, and enhances student engagement and understanding

train image

Let global teams to break language barriers

Lingvanex Bot can simply solve a language barrier problem in your team, community, with your international clients and outsourcing partners. It automatically identifies the languages in a conversation and translates all messages of your team members into a chosen language.

> 67mln

Americans speak another language at home

46 %

International students have difficulty understanding course materials

9 of 30

People in the class are not native English speakers

Who is this product for?

Lingvanex Bot can simply solve a language barrier problem in your team, community, with your international clients and outsourcing partners. It automatically identifies the languages in a conversation and translates all messages of your team members into a chosen language.

For students

Machine translation assists students in understanding texts written in foreign languages. Voice transcription converts lectures into text, making note-taking easier. Generative AI technologies can help students by summarizing complex topics, explaining concepts, reviewing essays, and answering questions on various subjects, enhancing the learning experience.


For teachers

Machine translation allows teachers to access educational resources in multiple languages. Voice transcription helps transcribe lectures for review or sharing. Generative AI can assist teachers in creating lesson plans, generating practice problems, providing feedback on student work, and explaining complex topics in an engaging way, streamlining their workload.


For scientists

Machine translation enables scientists to access and comprehend research papers from diverse linguistic backgrounds. Voice transcription simplifies note-taking during experiments or fieldwork. Generative AI assists in data analysis, hypothesis generation, academic writing, and explaining complex scientific concepts, accelerating the research process and fostering interdisciplinary collaboration.


For administration

Administration can benefit from on-premise linguistic solutions as they safeguard student private data. These solutions ensure sensitive information remains within the institution's infrastructure, reducing risks associated with data breaches and unauthorized access. Additionally, they enhance privacy compliance, providing a secure environment for managing student records, communications, and personalized educational content.


How can Lingvanex help you?

Translate course materials

Real-Time Translations

Translate lectures and discussions instantly for multilingual classrooms.

Transcribe lectures

Lecture Transcriptions

Provide accurate, searchable text from spoken lectures and classroom interactions.

Video in your language

Custom Study Materials

Generate personalized educational content tailored to individual student needs.

Сommunicate easily

Support for Language Learners

Offer instant translations and explanations for new vocabulary and grammar.

Learn in any language

Accessibility for Disabilities

Convert spoken content into text, aiding hearing-impaired students.

Image & diagram translation

Parental Communication

Translate important school communications into multiple languages for non-English speaking parents.

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