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In the era of globalized businesses, customer service and support often encounter language barriers. lIngvanex is a valuable tool to bridge this gap. You can improve customer satisfaction all around the world and while reducing costs.

Our language solutions

Machine translation

Convert documents, emails, and other text-based evidence written in different languages into a single, common language for easier review

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Call transcription

Convert spoken language from recordings, such as phone calls, meetings, and interviews to analyze and get valuable insights

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AI Agents

Analyze your data to get valuable insight with question / answering interface

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Break Language Barriers in Customer Support

Breaking down language barriers in customer support enhances communication, ensuring that customers can fully articulate their issues and understand the solutions provided. This inclusivity fosters a positive customer experience, as clients feel heard and valued regardless of their native language. It also increases the efficiency of support interactions, reducing misunderstandings and speeding up the resolution process. Additionally, it broadens the company's reach, allowing it to serve a more diverse customer base effectively, thereby boosting customer satisfaction and loyalty​

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What will you get with Lingvanex?

Lingvanex removes language as a barrier to global customer experiences by combining AI with a global community of translators delivering the speed and scale of machine translation with the authenticity that can come only from a native speaker.

Multilingual customer support

Machine translation facilitates multilingual support by enabling customer service teams to communicate with clients in their native languages, enhancing overall customer satisfaction. It reduces response times by allowing real-time translation of inquiries and responses, ensuring quick and efficient resolution of issues. Additionally, it broadens the reach of customer support services, allowing companies to serve a global customer base without needing a large team of multilingual agents.

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Expand Your Customer Base

Multilingual support can significantly expand your customer user base by making your products and services accessible to non-native speakers, thereby reaching a broader international audience. It enhances customer satisfaction and loyalty by providing personalized and effective communication, encouraging positive word-of-mouth and repeat business. Additionally, offering support in multiple languages can give your company a competitive edge in global markets, attracting customers who prefer to interact in their native language.


Improved Responsiveness

Machine translation can improve responsiveness in support centers by enabling real-time translation of customer inquiries and responses, which speeds up communication and reduces wait times. It allows support agents to understand and respond to issues in multiple languages quickly, improving the efficiency of the support process. Additionally, by automating the translation of standard responses and FAQs, machine translation ensures that customers receive accurate and consistent information promptly, enhancing the overall customer experience​

Improved Responsiveness

Improves Brand Loyalty and Retention

Multilingual support improves brand loyalty and retention by allowing customers to interact with the company in their preferred language, creating a more personalized and satisfying experience. This inclusivity fosters a deeper connection with the brand, as customers feel understood and valued, which enhances their overall satisfaction and likelihood to remain loyal. Additionally, providing support in multiple languages helps resolve issues more efficiently, reducing frustration and increasing customer trust and commitment to the brand​.

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