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Code of Conduct Policy

1. Introduction

At Nordicwise Limited (hereinafter referred to as 'Nordicwise,' 'Lingvanex,' 'we,' 'us,' or 'our'), our Code of Conduct is integral to our business ethics, applicable to all employees, contractors, and affiliates. This Code guides professional decisions and behavior, aligning with our commitment to integrity, trust, and respect in all business dealings. It serves as a standard for internal conduct and shapes our interactions externally with clients, partners, and the public. The Code establishes clear professional and ethical standards, crucial for maintaining our reputation, developing innovative products, and building lasting customer relations, both within and outside our workplace.

2. Scope and Applicability

This Privacy Policy is applicable to all users of Lingvanex services. We prioritize user consent in our data collection practices, focusing solely on analytical data. This approach ensures that users are thoroughly informed and have expressly agreed to the rules governing the use of their data. Our commitment lies in maintaining transparency and respecting user preferences in all data interactions.

3. Information Collection and Nature of Personal Data

Policy Coverage:

Applicability of the Policy:

All employees and contractors are expected to be familiar with and adhere to the Code of Conduct, as mandated by their Employment Contract or Service Agreement.Similarly, contractors, consultants, and others temporarily engaged to perform work or services are required to comply with the Code during their association with the organization. Any breach of this policy by such external parties may result in the termination of their contractual relationship.

4. Core values

1. Integrity and Honesty:

2. Fairness, Respect, and Equality:

3. Professionalism and Objectivity:

4. Accountability and Transparency:

5. Sustainability and Compliance:

6. Hosting and Backend Infrastructure:

5. Principles of Professional Standards and Job Duties at Lingvanex

1. Organizational Loyalty

2. Client-Centric Excellence:

3. Privacy and Security:

4. Professional Integrity:

5. Positive Work Environment:

6. Employee Accountability:

6. Compliance with Law and Regulations at Lingvanex

1. Legal and Ethical Compliance:

2. International and Domestic Law Adherence

3. Guidance and Reporting:

7. Conflict of Interest Policy at Lingvanex

1. Conflict Avoidance:

2. Conflict Disclosure:

3. Conflict Management:

4. Prohibited Activities:

5. Reporting Responsibility:

6. Guidance for Uncertainties:

8. Confidentiality Policy at Lingvanex

1. Confidentiality Protection:

2. Data Confidentiality:

3. Security Compliance:

4. Information Security Duty:

5. Insider Information Handling:

6. Reporting and Adherence:

The policy underlines the critical responsibility of maintaining confidentiality of client, partner, and internal information, with disclosure allowed only through proper channels or legal requirements.

9. Workplace Conduct Policy at Lingvanex

1. Anti-Harassment and Discrimination:

2. Health and Safety Compliance:

3. Professional and Ethical Behavior:

Reporting Unethical Behavior and Violations Policy at Lingvanex

At Lingvanex, upholding ethical standards and integrity is imperative, and all employees, contractors, and affiliates are responsible for reporting any breaches of our Code of Conduct.

Reporting Guidelines

10. Disciplinary Actions for Code of Conduct Violations at Lingvanex

Disciplinary Actions Include:

Violation Examples:

Violation Examples:

11. Confidentiality Policy at Lingvanex

Stewardship of Company Assets and Financial Responsibility

At Lingvanex, our commitment to excellence is reflected in our policies governing both the use of company property and the management of financial resources. This comprehensive policy encompasses:

1. Purpose of Data Collection:

2. Financial Integrity and Accountability:

12. Responsible Use of Social Media

13. Gifts and Anti-Bribery Standards

14. Ethical Utilization of Employment Benefits

15. Dual Employment at Lingvanex

16. Regular Updates and Training

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