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Meaning & Definition of Vital in English





1. Urgently needed

  • Absolutely necessary
  • "A critical element of the plan"
  • "Critical medical supplies"
  • "Vital for a healthy society"
  • "Of vital interest"
  • critical,
  • vital

2. Performing an essential function in the living body

  • "Vital organs"
  • "Blood and other vital fluids"
  • "The loss of vital heat in shock"
  • "A vital spot"
  • "Life-giving love and praise"
  • vital,
  • life-sustaining

3. Full of spirit

  • "A dynamic full of life woman"
  • "A vital and charismatic leader"
  • "This whole lively world"
  • full of life,
  • lively,
  • vital

4. Manifesting or characteristic of life

  • "A vital, living organism"
  • "Vital signs"
  • vital

Examples of using

Water bears several vital functions in a man's organism. It serves as a transport means for nutrients, regulates body temperature, and plays an important part in metabolism.
It is vital that you be present.
In Hong Kong there are two types of liquid food which are considered absolutely vital: Cantonese soup and congee. It is curious to note that however "thick and ingredient-filled" the soup is, it's always drunk and however "thin" the congee is, it's always eaten.