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Meaning & Definition of Unruly in English





1. Noisy and lacking in restraint or discipline

  • "A boisterous crowd"
  • "A social gathering that became rambunctious and out of hand"
  • "A robustious group of teenagers"
  • "Beneath the rumbustious surface of his paintings is sympathy for the vulnerability of ordinary human beings"
  • "An unruly class"
  • boisterous,
  • rambunctious,
  • robustious,
  • rumbustious,
  • unruly

2. Unwilling to submit to authority

  • "Unruly teenagers"
  • disobedient,
  • unruly

3. Of persons

  • "The little boy's parents think he is spirited, but his teacher finds him unruly"
  • indocile,
  • uncontrollable,
  • ungovernable,
  • unruly

Examples of using

The restraining role that the community once played is losing its force as adults become reluctant to reprimand other people's unruly children.