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Meaning & Definition of Try in English





1. Earnest and conscientious activity intended to do or accomplish something

  • "Made an effort to cover all the reading material"
  • "Wished him luck in his endeavor"
  • "She gave it a good try"
  • attempt,
  • effort,
  • endeavor,
  • endeavour,
  • try


1. Make an effort or attempt

  • "He tried to shake off his fears"
  • "The infant had essayed a few wobbly steps"
  • "The police attempted to stop the thief"
  • "He sought to improve himself"
  • "She always seeks to do good in the world"
  • try,
  • seek,
  • attempt,
  • essay,
  • assay

2. Put to the test, as for its quality, or give experimental use to

  • "This approach has been tried with good results"
  • "Test this recipe"
  • test,
  • prove,
  • try,
  • try out,
  • examine,
  • essay

3. Put on trial or hear a case and sit as the judge at the trial of

  • "The football star was tried for the murder of his wife"
  • "The judge tried both father and son in separate trials"
  • judge,
  • adjudicate,
  • try

4. Take a sample of

  • "Try these new crackers"
  • "Sample the regional dishes"
  • sample,
  • try,
  • try out,
  • taste

5. Examine or hear (evidence or a case) by judicial process

  • "The jury had heard all the evidence"
  • "The case will be tried in california"
  • hear,
  • try

6. Give pain or trouble to

  • "I've been sorely tried by these students"
  • try

7. Test the limits of

  • "You are trying my patience!"
  • try,
  • strain,
  • stress

8. Melt (fat or lard) in order to separate out impurities

  • "Try the yak butter"
  • "Render fat in a casserole"
  • try,
  • render

9. Put on a garment in order to see whether it fits and looks nice

  • "Try on this sweater to see how it looks"
  • try on,
  • try

Examples of using

A clever husband reads his wife's thoughts, but doesn't try to understand them.
Don't try to reform everyone you meet.
I'll try to reason it out.