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Meaning & Definition of Tired in English





1. Depleted of strength or energy

  • "Tired mothers with crying babies"
  • "Too tired to eat"
  • tired

2. Repeated too often

  • Overfamiliar through overuse
  • "Bromidic sermons"
  • "His remarks were trite and commonplace"
  • "Hackneyed phrases"
  • "A stock answer"
  • "Repeating threadbare jokes"
  • "Parroting some timeworn axiom"
  • "The trite metaphor `hard as nails'"
  • banal,
  • commonplace,
  • hackneyed,
  • old-hat,
  • shopworn,
  • stock(a),
  • threadbare,
  • timeworn,
  • tired,
  • trite,
  • well-worn

Examples of using

Are you feeling tired?
I'm sick and tired of kids who think they're tough by bullying other kids around in the playground, and who then act all innocent when they're with their parents.
I was tired, so I went to bed early.