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Meaning & Definition of Text in English





1. The words of something written

  • "There were more than a thousand words of text"
  • "They handed out the printed text of the mayor's speech"
  • "He wants to reconstruct the original text"
  • text,
  • textual matter

2. A passage from the bible that is used as the subject of a sermon

  • "The preacher chose a text from psalms to introduce his sermon"
  • text

3. A book prepared for use in schools or colleges

  • "His economics textbook is in its tenth edition"
  • "The professor wrote the text that he assigned students to buy"
  • textbook,
  • text,
  • text edition,
  • schoolbook,
  • school text

4. The main body of a written work (as distinct from illustrations or footnotes etc.)

  • "Pictures made the text easier to understand"
  • text

Examples of using

In no way does the fact that a text was written by a native speaker guarantee that it is any good.
You wrote a splendid text. There is no doubt that you have the heart of a poet and a great talent.
The text above is writen in basque.