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Meaning & Definition of Supposed in English





1. Required or under orders

  • "I'm supposed to be there at ten"
  • "He was supposed to go to the store"
  • supposed(p)

2. Mistakenly believed

  • "The supposed existence of ghosts"
  • supposed(a)

3. Doubtful or suspect

  • "These so-called experts are no help"
  • alleged(a),
  • so-called,
  • supposed

4. Based primarily on surmise rather than adequate evidence

  • "Theories about the extinction of dinosaurs are still highly conjectural"
  • "The supposed reason for his absence"
  • "Suppositious reconstructions of dead languages"
  • "Hypothetical situation"
  • conjectural,
  • divinatory,
  • hypothetical,
  • hypothetic,
  • supposed,
  • suppositional,
  • suppositious,
  • supposititious

Examples of using

Yesterday is already history, and tomorrow, a mystery. However, today is a present of fate, and presents are supposed to bring joy.
Am I supposed to, single-handedly, strengthened only by the mythical magic of my forebears, in heroic fashion smash his armies and save the beautiful princess from his clutches to finally deliver him to...
"But I just did. I came here to tell you." "Me? Am I supposed to put a stop to Lord Pinku Reiga, mightiest of the Four Weepy Lords, slayer of some 100 men, destroyer of the imperial wheelchairs?!"