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Meaning & Definition of Striking in English





1. The physical coming together of two or more things

  • "Contact with the pier scraped paint from the hull"
  • contact,
  • impinging,
  • striking

2. The act of contacting one thing with another

  • "Repeated hitting raised a large bruise"
  • "After three misses she finally got a hit"
  • hit,
  • hitting,
  • striking


1. Sensational in appearance or thrilling in effect

  • "A dramatic sunset"
  • "A dramatic pause"
  • "A spectacular display of northern lights"
  • "It was a spectacular play"
  • "His striking good looks always created a sensation"
  • dramatic,
  • spectacular,
  • striking

2. Having a quality that thrusts itself into attention

  • "An outstanding fact of our time is that nations poisoned by anti semitism proved less fortunate in regard to their own freedom"
  • "A new theory is the most prominent feature of the book"
  • "Salient traits"
  • "A spectacular rise in prices"
  • "A striking thing about picadilly circus is the statue of eros in the center"
  • "A striking resemblance between parent and child"
  • outstanding,
  • prominent,
  • salient,
  • spectacular,
  • striking

Examples of using

It was striking to the children that the grandfather sometimes picked his nose.
The first air striking unit consisted of 100 Zero fighters, 100 torpedo bombers and 100 dive bombers.
The clock is striking four.