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Meaning & Definition of Smoother in English





1. A power tool used for sanding wood

  • An endless loop of sandpaper is moved at high speed by an electric motor
  • drum sander
  • ,
  • electric sander
  • ,
  • sander
  • ,
  • smoother

Examples of using

You say that you're afraid of being disliked by other people, but you have some people that you dislike yourself, don't you? Arithmetically speaking, there are an equal number of people who you don't like that don't like you back. I'm not saying that if you end your dislike of someone, someone else will stop disliking you as well; it's just that you can't change the fact that if you dislike someone, then someone else dislikes you as well. Your life will go much smoother if you just give up and accept that t