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Meaning & Definition of Scattered in English





1. Occurring or distributed over widely spaced and irregular intervals in time or space

  • "Scattered showers"
  • "Scattered villages"
  • scattered

2. Lacking orderly continuity

  • "A confused set of instructions"
  • "A confused dream about the end of the world"
  • "Disconnected fragments of a story"
  • "Scattered thoughts"
  • confused,
  • disconnected,
  • disjointed,
  • disordered,
  • garbled,
  • illogical,
  • scattered,
  • unconnected

Examples of using

The sky is clear. Lots of stars are scattered across it.
Newspaper stands are scattered here and there throughout the city.
Before tidying up, all my things were lying scattered about in their proper place; afterwards, everything was neatly arranged hell knows where.