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Meaning & Definition of Sad in English





1. Experiencing or showing sorrow or unhappiness

  • "Feeling sad because his dog had died"
  • "Better by far that you should forget and smile / than that you should remember and be sad"- christina rossetti
  • sad

2. Of things that make you feel sad

  • "Sad news"
  • "She doesn't like sad movies"
  • "It was a very sad story"
  • "When i am dead, my dearest, / sing no sad songs for me"- christina rossetti
  • sad

3. Bad

  • Unfortunate
  • "My finances were in a deplorable state"
  • "A lamentable decision"
  • "Her clothes were in sad shape"
  • "A sorry state of affairs"
  • deplorable,
  • distressing,
  • lamentable,
  • pitiful,
  • sad,
  • sorry

Examples of using

It makes me sad to see you looking so unhappy.
That's a sad excuse.
That's just so sad.