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Meaning & Definition of Sad in English





1. Experiencing or showing sorrow or unhappiness

  • "Feeling sad because his dog had died"
  • "Better by far that you should forget and smile / than that you should remember and be sad"- christina rossetti
  • sad

2. Of things that make you feel sad

  • "Sad news"
  • "She doesn't like sad movies"
  • "It was a very sad story"
  • "When i am dead, my dearest, / sing no sad songs for me"- christina rossetti
  • sad

3. Bad

  • Unfortunate
  • "My finances were in a deplorable state"
  • "A lamentable decision"
  • "Her clothes were in sad shape"
  • "A sorry state of affairs"
  • deplorable
  • ,
  • distressing
  • ,
  • lamentable
  • ,
  • pitiful
  • ,
  • sad
  • ,
  • sorry

Examples of using

I've never seen this woman sad or anxious.
Times passes slowly for those who are sad, but fast for those who are happy.
That's sad for you.