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Meaning & Definition of Reckless in English





1. Marked by defiant disregard for danger or consequences

  • "Foolhardy enough to try to seize the gun from the hijacker"
  • "Became the fiercest and most reckless of partisans"-macaulay
  • "A reckless driver"
  • "A rash attempt to climb mount everest"
  • foolhardy,
  • heady,
  • rash,
  • reckless

2. Characterized by careless unconcern

  • "The heedless generosity and the spasmodic extravagance of persons used to large fortunes"- edith wharton
  • "Reckless squandering of public funds"
  • heedless,
  • reckless

Examples of using

It was reckless of her to trust him.
A sober-minded man adapts himself to outward things; a reckless man tries to adapt outward things to himself. That's why progress depends on reckless people.
Tom is a reckless driver.