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Meaning & Definition of Recent in English





1. Approximately the last 10,000 years

  • Holocene,
  • Holocene epoch,
  • Recent,
  • Recent epoch


1. New

  • "Recent graduates"
  • "A recent addition to the house"
  • "Recent buds on the apple trees"
  • recent

2. Of the immediate past or just previous to the present time

  • "A late development"
  • "Their late quarrel"
  • "His recent trip to africa"
  • "In recent months"
  • "A recent issue of the journal"
  • late(a),
  • recent

Examples of using

Internal division within the Labor Party was one of the factors which led to its defeat at the recent election.
A recent drop in house prices will help first home buyers to achieve their dream of owning their own home.
Learning esperanto, as recent university researches prove, makes foreign language acquisition easier and quicker.