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Meaning & Definition of Reasonably in English





1. To a moderately sufficient extent or degree

  • "Pretty big"
  • "Pretty bad"
  • "Jolly decent of him"
  • "The shoes are priced reasonably"
  • "He is fairly clever with computers"
  • reasonably,
  • moderately,
  • pretty,
  • jolly,
  • somewhat,
  • fairly,
  • middling,
  • passably

2. With good sense or in a reasonable or intelligent manner

  • "He acted sensibly in the crisis"
  • "Speak more sanely about these affairs"
  • "Acted quite reasonably"
  • sanely,
  • sensibly,
  • reasonably

Examples of using

To plan one's time properly is a recipe of a successful man, to plan it reasonably is that of a sage.