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Meaning & Definition of Proficient in English





1. Having or showing knowledge and skill and aptitude

  • "Adept in handicrafts"
  • "An adept juggler"
  • "An expert job"
  • "A good mechanic"
  • "A practiced marksman"
  • "A proficient engineer"
  • "A lesser-known but no less skillful composer"
  • "The effect was achieved by skillful retouching"
  • adept,
  • expert,
  • good,
  • practiced,
  • proficient,
  • skillful,
  • skilful

2. Of or relating to technique or proficiency in a practical skill

  • "His technical innovation was his brushwork"
  • "The technical dazzle of her dancing"
  • technical,
  • proficient

Examples of using

Tom is proficient in French.
If he's proficient in English, I'll hire him.
She is proficient in French.