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Meaning & Definition of Probably in English





1. With considerable certainty

  • Without much doubt
  • "He is probably out of the country"
  • "In all likelihood we are headed for war"
  • probably,
  • likely,
  • in all likelihood,
  • in all probability,
  • belike

2. Easy to believe on the basis of available evidence

  • "He talked plausibly before the committee"
  • "He will probably win the election"
  • credibly,
  • believably,
  • plausibly,
  • probably

Examples of using

Tom probably knows more than he's telling us.
The English articles are bread-and-butter important. For instance, if I ask my English friend to hold my bag for a while, and then ask to give it back by saying "Give me bag", he'll probably steal the bag of the man standing around because he didn't understand which bag was meant.
Tom is probably in the building.