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Meaning & Definition of Other in English





1. Not the same one or ones already mentioned or implied

  • "Today isn't any other day"- the white queen
  • "The construction of highways and other public works"
  • "He asked for other employment"
  • "Any other person would tell the truth"
  • "His other books are still in storage"
  • "Then we looked at the other house"
  • "Hearing was good in his other ear"
  • "The other sex"
  • "She lived on the other side of the street from me"
  • "Went in the other direction"
  • other

2. Recently past

  • "The other evening"
  • other(a)

3. Belonging to the distant past

  • "The early inhabitants of europe"
  • "Former generations"
  • "In other times"
  • early(a),
  • former(a),
  • other(a)

4. Very unusual

  • Different in character or quality from the normal or expected
  • "A strange, other dimension...where his powers seemed to fail"- lance morrow
  • other

Examples of using

Let's go into the other room.
We ought at least, for prudence, never to speak of ourselves, because that is a subject on which we may be sure that other people’s views are never in accordance with our own.
There weren't any other elephants around.