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Meaning & Definition of Nix in English





1. A quantity of no importance

  • "It looked like nothing i had ever seen before"
  • "Reduced to nil all the work we had done"
  • "We racked up a pathetic goose egg"
  • "It was all for naught"
  • "I didn't hear zilch about it"
  • nothing,
  • nil,
  • nix,
  • nada,
  • null,
  • aught,
  • cipher,
  • cypher,
  • goose egg,
  • naught,
  • zero,
  • zilch,
  • zip,
  • zippo


1. Command against

  • "I forbid you to call me late at night"
  • "Mother vetoed the trip to the chocolate store"
  • "Dad nixed our plans"
  • forbid,
  • prohibit,
  • interdict,
  • proscribe,
  • veto,
  • disallow,
  • nix

Examples of using

We had to nix tomorrow's meeting because of a scheduling problem.
At that very night when the fern blooms — I’m just retelling what has been composed in the fairy tales by local people — the mermaids, wood and house goblins, werewolves, nix, and different kinds of ghosts and sorcerer gathered together.