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Meaning & Definition of Memory in English





1. Something that is remembered

  • "Search as he would, the memory was lost"
  • memory

2. The cognitive processes whereby past experience is remembered

  • "He can do it from memory"
  • "He enjoyed remembering his father"
  • memory,
  • remembering

3. The power of retaining and recalling past experience

  • "He had a good memory when he was younger"
  • memory,
  • retention,
  • retentiveness,
  • retentivity

4. An electronic memory device

  • "A memory and the cpu form the central part of a computer to which peripherals are attached"
  • memory,
  • computer memory,
  • storage,
  • computer storage,
  • store,
  • memory board

5. The area of cognitive psychology that studies memory processes

  • "He taught a graduate course on learning and memory"
  • memory

Examples of using

Happiness is a good health and a short memory.
“I can bring my laptop for you to copy it.” “Oh, don’t bother, no need to carry it around, I’d rather give you a memory stick later.”
History is life of memory.