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Meaning & Definition of Lots in English





1. A large number or amount

  • "Made lots of new friends"
  • "She amassed stacks of newspapers"
  • tons,
  • dozens,
  • heaps,
  • lots,
  • piles,
  • scores,
  • stacks,
  • loads,
  • rafts,
  • slews,
  • wads,
  • oodles,
  • gobs,
  • scads,
  • lashings


1. To a very great degree or extent

  • "I feel a lot better"
  • "We enjoyed ourselves very much"
  • "She was very much interested"
  • "This would help a great deal"
  • a lot,
  • lots,
  • a good deal,
  • a great deal,
  • much,
  • very much

Examples of using

There are lots of presents underneath the Christmas tree.
We had lots of fun at the dance.
They drew lots to see who would go first.