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Meaning & Definition of Lonely in English





1. Lacking companions or companionship

  • "He was alone when we met him"
  • "She is alone much of the time"
  • "The lone skier on the mountain"
  • "A lonely fisherman stood on a tuft of gravel"
  • "A lonely soul"
  • "A solitary traveler"
  • alone(p),
  • lone(a),
  • lonely(a),
  • solitary

2. Marked by dejection from being alone

  • "Felt sad and lonely"
  • "The loneliest night of the week"
  • "Lonesome when her husband is away"
  • "Spent a lonesome hour in the bar"
  • lonely,
  • lonesome

3. Characterized by or preferring solitude

  • "A lone wolf"
  • "A lonely existence"
  • "A man of a solitary disposition"
  • "A solitary walk"
  • lone(a),
  • lonely(a),
  • solitary

4. Devoid of creatures

  • "A lonely crossroads"
  • "A solitary retreat"
  • "A trail leading to an unfrequented lake"
  • lonely,
  • solitary,
  • unfrequented

Examples of using

Hawaii seems a lonely island in the middle of the Pacific.
I feel so lonely.
Aren't you lonely without your friends?