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Meaning & Definition of Farther in English





1. More distant in especially space or time

  • "They live in the farther house"
  • farther

2. More distant in especially degree

  • "Nothing could be further from the truth"
  • "Further from our expectations"
  • "Farther from the truth"
  • "Farther from our expectations"
  • further,
  • farther


1. To or at a greater extent or degree or a more advanced stage (`further' is used more often than `farther' in this abstract sense)

  • "Further complicated by uncertainty about the future"
  • "Let's not discuss it further"
  • "Nothing could be further from the truth"
  • "They are further along in their research than we expected"
  • "The application of the law was extended farther"
  • "He is going no farther in his studies"
  • further,
  • farther

2. To or at a greater distance in time or space (`farther' is used more frequently than `further' in this physical sense)

  • "Farther north"
  • "Moved farther away"
  • "Farther down the corridor"
  • "The practice may go back still farther to the druids"
  • "Went only three miles further"
  • "Further in the future"
  • farther,
  • further

Examples of using

"I consider this fair, since effort will get one farther in life than ease of understanding anyway." "Says the man that seems to have skated by through a majority of life on ease of understanding...?"
The sun is farther from the earth than the moon.
He was too tired to walk any farther.