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Meaning & Definition of Exhausted in English





1. Drained of energy or effectiveness

  • Extremely tired
  • Completely exhausted
  • "The day's shopping left her exhausted"
  • "He went to bed dog-tired"
  • "Was fagged and sweaty"
  • "The trembling of his played out limbs"
  • "Felt completely washed-out"
  • "Only worn-out horses and cattle"
  • "You look worn out"
  • exhausted,
  • dog-tired,
  • fagged,
  • fatigued,
  • played out,
  • spent,
  • washed-out,
  • worn-out(a),
  • worn out(p)

2. Depleted of energy, force, or strength

  • "Impossible to grow tobacco on the exhausted soil"
  • "The exhausted food sources"
  • "Exhausted oil wells"
  • exhausted,
  • spent

3. Drained physically

  • "The day's events left her completely exhausted--her strength drained"
  • exhausted

Examples of using

Having worked all day, you must be exhausted.
Tom said he was utterly exhausted.
Tom said he was completely exhausted.