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Meaning & Definition of Eternal in English





1. Continuing forever or indefinitely

  • "The ageless themes of love and revenge"
  • "Eternal truths"
  • "Life everlasting"
  • "Hell's perpetual fires"
  • "The unending bliss of heaven"
  • ageless,
  • aeonian,
  • eonian,
  • eternal,
  • everlasting,
  • perpetual,
  • unending,
  • unceasing

2. Tiresomely long

  • Seemingly without end
  • "Endless debates"
  • "An endless conversation"
  • "The wait seemed eternal"
  • "Eternal quarreling"
  • "An interminable sermon"
  • endless,
  • eternal,
  • interminable

Examples of using

Everything artificial that breaks the laws of nature dies sooner or later anyway. Only nature's creations can be eternal.
Evil is not eternal.
The soul is eternal.