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Meaning & Definition of Easily in English





1. With ease (`easy' is sometimes used informally for `easily')

  • "She was easily excited"
  • "Was easily confused"
  • "He won easily"
  • "This china breaks very easily"
  • "Success came too easy"
  • easily
  • ,
  • easy

2. Without question

  • "Easily the best book she's written"
  • easily

3. Indicating high probability

  • In all likelihood
  • "I might well do it"
  • "A mistake that could easily have ended in disaster"
  • "You may well need your umbrella"
  • "He could equally well be trying to deceive us"
  • well
  • ,
  • easily

Examples of using

Tom answered all the questions easily.
This differential equation can be easily solved by Laplace transform.
You can easily get sick in a climate like this.