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Meaning & Definition of Distinct in English





1. (often followed by `from') not alike

  • Different in nature or quality
  • "Plants of several distinct types"
  • "The word `nationalism' is used in at least two distinct senses"
  • "Gold is distinct from iron"
  • "A tree related to but quite distinct from the european beech"
  • "Management had interests quite distinct from those of their employees"
  • distinct,
  • distinguishable

2. Easy to perceive

  • Especially clearly outlined
  • "A distinct flavor"
  • "A distinct odor of turpentine"
  • "A distinct outline"
  • "The ship appeared as a distinct silhouette"
  • "Distinct fingerprints"
  • distinct

3. Constituting a separate entity or part

  • "A government with three discrete divisions"
  • "On two distinct occasions"
  • discrete,
  • distinct

4. Recognizable

  • Marked
  • "Noticed a distinct improvement"
  • "At a distinct (or decided) disadvantage"
  • distinct,
  • decided

5. Clearly or sharply defined to the mind

  • "Clear-cut evidence of tampering"
  • "Claudius was the first to invade britain with distinct...intentions of conquest"
  • "Trenchant distinctions between right and wrong"
  • clear-cut,
  • distinct,
  • trenchant

Examples of using

There's a distinct difference between them.
Lenses with two distinct optical powers are also called "bifocals".
Your way of thinking is quite distinct from mine.