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Meaning & Definition of Depressed in English





1. Lower than previously

  • "The market is depressed"
  • "Prices are down"
  • depressed,
  • down(p)

2. Flattened downward as if pressed from above or flattened along the dorsal and ventral surfaces

  • depressed

3. Filled with melancholy and despondency

  • "Gloomy at the thought of what he had to face"
  • "Gloomy predictions"
  • "A gloomy silence"
  • "Took a grim view of the economy"
  • "The darkening mood"
  • "Lonely and blue in a strange city"
  • "Depressed by the loss of his job"
  • "A dispirited and resigned expression on her face"
  • "Downcast after his defeat"
  • "Feeling discouraged and downhearted"
  • gloomy,
  • grim,
  • blue,
  • depressed,
  • dispirited,
  • down(p),
  • downcast,
  • downhearted,
  • down in the mouth,
  • low,
  • low-spirited

Examples of using

I was really depressed.
You're not depressed, are you?
The news depressed him very much.