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Meaning & Definition of Convenience in English





1. The state of being suitable or opportune

  • "Chairs arranged for his own convenience"
  • convenience

2. The quality of being useful and convenient

  • "They offered the convenience of an installment plan"
  • convenience

3. A toilet that is available to the public

  • public toilet,
  • comfort station,
  • public convenience,
  • convenience,
  • public lavatory,
  • restroom,
  • toilet facility,
  • wash room

4. A device or control that is very useful for a particular job

  • appliance,
  • contraption,
  • contrivance,
  • convenience,
  • gadget,
  • gizmo,
  • gismo,
  • widget

Examples of using

Tom stopped at a convenience store to get a drink.
I am looking forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience.
For the convenience of blind passengers, on the Moscow metro the station announcements are in a male voice if you are moving towards the center of the city, and in a female one if you are moving away.