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Meaning & Definition of Completely in English





1. To a complete degree or to the full or entire extent (`whole' is often used informally for `wholly')

  • "He was wholly convinced"
  • "Entirely satisfied with the meal"
  • "It was completely different from what we expected"
  • "Was completely at fault"
  • "A totally new situation"
  • "The directions were all wrong"
  • "It was not altogether her fault"
  • "An altogether new approach"
  • "A whole new idea"
  • wholly,
  • entirely,
  • completely,
  • totally,
  • all,
  • altogether,
  • whole

2. So as to be complete

  • With everything necessary
  • "He had filled out the form completely"
  • "The apartment was completely furnished"
  • completely

Examples of using

Impossible things happen that we can't understand. They're completely unimaginable.
His carpet is completely white.
"Were you, for example, breaking completely today?" "Actually I wasn't, even the glass. But I said "no, it's all crap", I don't understand why." "Shame on you, Styopa!"