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Meaning & Definition of Comfortable in English





1. Providing or experiencing physical well-being or relief (`comfy' is informal)

  • "Comfortable clothes"
  • "Comfortable suburban houses"
  • "Made himself comfortable in an armchair"
  • "The antihistamine made her feel more comfortable"
  • "Are you comfortable?"
  • "Feeling comfy now?"
  • comfortable,
  • comfy

2. Free from stress or conducive to mental ease

  • Having or affording peace of mind
  • "Was settled in a comfortable job, one for which he was well prepared"
  • "The comfortable thought that nothing could go wrong"
  • "Was comfortable in his religious beliefs"
  • "She's a comfortable person to be with"
  • "She felt comfortable with her fiance's parents"
  • comfortable

3. More than adequate

  • "The home team had a comfortable lead"
  • comfortable

4. Sufficient to provide comfort

  • "A comfortable salary"
  • comfortable

5. In fortunate circumstances financially

  • Moderately rich
  • "They were comfortable or even wealthy by some standards"
  • "Easy living"
  • "A prosperous family"
  • "His family is well-situated financially"
  • "Well-to-do members of the community"
  • comfortable,
  • easy,
  • prosperous,
  • well-fixed,
  • well-heeled,
  • well-off,
  • well-situated,
  • well-to-do

Examples of using

Sometimes you have to choose between looking good and being comfortable.
My room is a little small, but comfortable.
The bed is very comfortable.